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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 13, 2022
In Beauty Forum
A Dcard article titled " Female classmates beware of physical education homework videos being posted to FB 10,000 people's clubs " was published on May 26 and instantly ignited forum discussions. The article stated: "On Facebook (FB) In the club of "Wu Club. Ba Club (Backup Club)", someone forwarded a link to a group of videos of girls doing yoga. These videos are due to the school's implementation of distance teaching, so the physical education teacher wants students to upload the videos to YouTube and set up public assignments, so there are these yoga action videos. Not surprisingly, after the video was forwarded to this group, the original YouTube video was filled with sexually harassing messages like "I used your video to get a bunch of mayonnaise out" or "My little brother at night depends on you". The incident photo retouching also followed the appearance of this post, resulting in a fierce debate and position, which caused wildfires in the forum. What is a tyrant? Before diving into this incident, we must first make a point about popular science. Why does the video link seem to change after being forwarded to this FB group called "Wushe. Bashe (Backup Club)"? According to this article " About the Origin of Outbound Clubs and Monkeys ~ The Origin of Pa Club ": Pa Club is a type of private FB club without a fixed name. The name of the club is usually named according to current events, such as this fog in this incident. The club (backup club) is one of the senior-level clubs. Most of the posts in the club are leaking, secretly taking pictures of girls for other members to watch, making jokes about current affairs, and even public trials of some events that they don’t like to see. or victims. The number of Wushe clubs ranges from more than 8,000 to 60,000 to 70,000 people.

Nayeem Ahmed

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